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Stoves & Cookware

In our Mountain Marathon section we have sought to present a range of gear which will enable the committed runner to travel fast and light. Our selection is the result of years of experience - Pete and Anne Bland were the first mixed pair ever to finish a Karrimor Elite Class at Peebles in 1978 and Jon Broxap is a past four times winner of the KIMM Elite Mixed Class.

MSR’s fast and light gear offers the lightest, most reliable cooking options available. The obsessive will match a pocket rocket with a titan kettle for the ultimate weight saving.

Useful Tip – ditch the lids and use tin foil and take another bit to use as a windshield.

1.1L Fast Boil Pot & Stove
Highlander 1.1L Fast Boil Pot & Stove
RRP: £60 WEB: £54 SAVE: 10%
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Compact Solo Cookset
Highlander Compact Solo Cookset
WEB: £20
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Titanium Kettle
MSR Titanium Kettle
RRP: £50 WEB: £45 SAVE: 10%
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HPX200 Compact Stove
Highlander HPX200 Compact Stove
WEB: £20
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Pocket Rocket Stove
MSR Pocket Rocket Stove
RRP: £30 WEB: £27 SAVE: 10%
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Micro Rocket Stove
MSR Micro Rocket Stove
RRP: £40 WEB: £36 SAVE: 10%
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275ml Mug
Highlander 275ml Mug
WEB: £2
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20cm Deep Bowl
Highlander 20cm Deep Bowl
WEB: £2
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Pete Bland Spork
WEB: £1.50
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